About Us

Centre Stage Theatre is a friendly amateur theatre company based at The Shirley Centre in Solihull. It all began in 1996 when the company performed The Ghost Train, for 1 performance only. Since then they have performed numerous musicals, pantomimes and plays for the entertainment of the residents of Shirley. Usually, there are 2 productions per year, a musical or pantomime in February, followed by a play in June/July.

The company rehearses and performs at the Shirley Centre, which is fortunate enough to have a large hall and stage, with sound and lighting equipment. This venue allows us to be flexible with our approach, to use different entrances through the hall, and on occasions, to perform in the round, for example “When we are Married”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Twelfth Night”.

 Rehearsals take place on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Auditions are held for principal roles, but no audition is necessary for chorus members. No experience is required, just enthusiasm and commitment. Many of our members had never performed in anything prior to joining.

Centre Stage is quite unique in its facilities, but also in the way it creates a production. No set or costumes are hired. During a Saturday morning workshop, the set will be built, scenery painted, costumes and props made, equipment set up, and a good chat enjoyed by all over coffee and doughnuts!

If performing is not for you, we are always looking for people to help with workshops; set building, painting, costume making etc, but also during performances with front of House duties.

New members will be welcomed, there is no age limit. Children are sometimes invited for the February production if required.