Current Production

Join us at Centre Stage – Shirley for a hilarious evening of theatre as we proudly present “Hi-de-Hi!” Step into the whimsical world of Maplins Holiday Camp with this lively adaptation, where the laughs never end and every character is a delight.

🌟 Why You Shouldn’t Miss It 🌟

🎭 Classic Comedy: “Hi-de-Hi!” is a beloved sitcom that has entertained audiences for decades. Experience the antics of the holiday camp staff in a whole new way with our live theatre production.

😂 Non-Stop Humor: Get ready for an evening filled with laughter, quirky characters, and unforgettable comedic moments. Our talented cast is set to bring the house down with their brilliant performances!

👫 Local Talent: At Centre Stage – Shirley, we celebrate and showcase the best of local talent. Our passionate actors and actresses bring energy and authenticity to every role, making “Hi-de-Hi!” a truly community-focused event.

🎶 Musical Flair: While packed with comedy, our show also features catchy tunes and lively dance numbers that capture the spirit of the 1950s holiday camp setting.

🎨 Spectacular Sets and Costumes: Dive into the colourful world of Maplins with sets and costumes that recreate the iconic style and joy of the era. Our production team has gone all out to ensure every detail adds to the fun and flair of the performance.

🎟️ Tickets Selling Fast: Seats are filling up quickly! Don’t miss your chance to be part of this joyous theatrical event. “Hi-de-Hi!” at Centre Stage – Shirley is a limited-time show that promises an evening of pure entertainment.

Book your tickets now and be ready to shout “Hi-de-Hi!” with us at Centre Stage – Shirley for a night of laughter, nostalgia, and lively entertainment. This is your chance to relive the hilarity of the classic holiday camp saga like never before!